thinQ Advance Codes

thinQ is a SIP Proxy and therefore a wide variety of signaling can come back to your network from us, whether it is sourced directly from thinQ or from a downstream vendor. There can be a wide variety of reasons that come with a code depending on how the source switch has configured it. For example a 503 could list "Route Not Available" or "Funds Required", etc. 

Below are a list of codes your switch should be programmed to advance on. In general you should be set to advance on any 4XX or 5XX code received. One firm exception is "487 Request Terminated". Two optional exceptions would be "404 Not Found" or "486 Busy".


Actionable response codes from thinQ:

503 Funds Required Your account is suspended due to depletion of funds.  Please log into the portal to make a payment
503 Channel Limit Reached You have reached your channel limit.  Please reach out to us at to request a channel limit increase.
403 Forbidden The IP address you are sending from has not been created as a trunk in, please log into to create a new trunk.

Attached below is a csv file containing some of the specific SIP response codes that could potentially be sent back from thinQ.  Please note this does not contain all possible response codes or the meaning of each code as a majority of these are sent back directly from our carrier.

You should configure your switch to route advance to another provider if you receive any of these codes to avoid service issues. Contact your account manager if you receive a 503 Funds Required or Channel Limit Reached message as we may need to change the parameters on your account.

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