Route Blocks Explained

Route Blocks are useful in resolving your customer issues immediately thus allowing thinQ time to open a ticket and resolve the issue with the offending carrier. Route blocks block calls from traversing specific destinations over carrier(s) without having to remove the carrier entirely from all routes.  Route Blocks are profile specific.  The route BLOCK options are: NPA, NPANXX, LATA, LATA-OCN, Rate Center, or State.  

To create a route block you will need to log into the portal.

  • Items you will need before performing a Route Block (can be found in Diagnostics).
    1. To DID or LRN.
    2. Profile ID that routed this call.
    3. Offending carrier(s) name/ID number.

Once logged in click the ROUTE BLOCKS tab to the left of your screen.
Steps for Creating Route Blocks:

  1. Select the Profile: choose the correct profile from the drop down menu that you wish to place the route block on.
  2. Choose to search by either LRN or DIALED DIGITS.
  3. Choose how you wish to block:NPA, NPANXX, LATA, LATA-OCN, Rate Center, or State. Once both drop downs are selected you will need to enter either: PHONE NUMBER, NPA, or NPANXX depending on your previous selections and then complete step by clicking the blue SEARCH button.
  4. A table will appear with your results. You will need to select the specific result by clicking to highlight it in yellow. Once highlighted in yellow click the CREATE ROUTE BLOCK button below.
  5. An additional screen will pop open. First choose a value for “Expire in:” your options are  1 day - Permanent.  Next, select the carrier(s) to block by sliding the green “Active” tab over to red “Blocked”.
  6. Finally, you will click the green SAVE button to create the route block.
  7. Please wait 3-5 minutes to allow the system to propagate and retest.

When a route block is in place for a specific destination the carrier(s) blocked will not be attempted, the next carrier in line will be attempted to connect the call or a 503 will be returned if there are no additional carriers to attempt.

You may view all current Route Blocks on your account by clicking the Route Blocks tab and selecting the profile you would like to view.

To edit a current Route Block follow steps 1-4. Once to step 4 on the pop up screen you can make changes to the current Route Block and click save to update. To completely delete a Route Block click the red trashcan image next to the created block from the main route blocks page.

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