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This will instruct a billing user and answer questions you may have about the portal. Please login to the portal ( before reading this document. * International based customers please review international guidelines at the bottom of this page.

Billing Tab

-Invoices: Subtab that includes all invoices generated on both the inbound and outbound side of the account (Prepaid invoices, automatic invoices, and postpaid invoices)

If a pre-paid outbound account hits a $0 or a negative balance the system will set the account status to OFF until funds are added.
If a post-paid outbound account meets or exceeds its credit limit the system will set the account status to OFF until an invoice is paid.
There are several MSA violations that will cause the account to be manually suspended. A few examples are short call duration or dialer traffic.

Top left Balance
: This will provide up to date balance information for both inbound and outbound (depending on which products you have with us). It is updated every 2 minutes in the portal but is updated in real time on the switches.

Payment Methods:

Prepaid Automatic
This means that you are a prepaid customer and have setup automatic payment.
Prepaid Manual
This means that you are a prepaid customer and must make payments manually.
This means that you have filled out our credit application and been approved for a certain amount of credit and terms and will be invoiced accordingly.

Tax Information

Non-Exempt - Taxes will be included in your outbound CDR.
Exempt  - Taxes will not be included in your outbound CDR.

To be tax exempt with thinQ you must fill out the FUSF contribution fund form or your company must be based outside of the USA.

Account Type: There are 2 account types.

Prepaid - You pay as you go.
Postpaid - You have filled out a credit application and have been approved for a credit limit.


Credit Term: For postpaid customers you will find your credit terms listed here.
Credit Limit: For postpaid customers your credit limit will be listed here.
Last payment: This will show the last payment paid.
Estimated Depletion: Once you start running traffic an estimated depletion date for your account’s balance will be shown here.

Account Management (tab)

On the left of your screen click the tab for “Account Management” to view the following information:

Middle of the Page:

Account Addresses:  Here we will list all addresses for the account.

Service Address: This is the address used for services.
Billing Address:  This address is used for billing and payment notifications. Please note that the address listed under billing needs to always match the address associated with your credit card when making a one-time payment or setting up auto-pay. The billing email address is used for rate deck notifications, all billing communication and payment notifications. If you wish to have multiple people notified on all billing notifications you can set up an email distribution list internally and add it as the billing email address.

Primary Contact: This is the Primary Admin on the account and has full access to the account. The primary email address will also be used for Rate Deck notifications.

Right Side of Page:

Current Network Settings:

Status: There are two different status options.

On: your account is active and able to run traffic.
Off: your account has been disabled and may not run traffic.

Channels Enabled: Amount of concurrent calls your account is authorized to have established with us. (The channel limit on your thinQ account is a per thinQ switch limit, meaning you can have more than this amount of calls up at one time depending on the load balancing of calls for your account across all thinQ switches. Please contact support if you need this amount changed or if you have questions.)
Calls Per Second (CPS) Limit: Amount of calls per second your account is authorized to send us.

Account Password Options: All the information needed to access your Daily CDRs via FTP.

Bottom of Page:

Users: This is where you can add or remove users on the account.
The check boxes indicate what email notifications each user will receive.
There may only be one Primary Admin for each account and you can set this by clicking on the link next to the user you wish to have as the Primary Admin.

Billing (tab)

On the left of your page please click on Billing. In this tab you will find the payment type for this account as well as all invoices and the account’s payment history.


Automatic: For automatic payment please click on the Automatic radio button then follow the on screen instructions.  Check the box under Email Notification and Click save to enable Automatic payments.  Verify that the Billing address of your credit card matches the billing address listed to the right.   *Note: only accounts with a CC with a valid USA billing address may use this payment option.
Manual: You must login to our portal and click the Billing Tab, then click CREATE INVOICE.  A popup will appear.  Enter the amount you wish to pay and click Generate Invoice.  An Invoice will be emailed to the billing email on file and will also show up under the Invoice History section of the billing tab. You must then pay that invoice for the funds to show up in the balance on your account. (May take up to 15 minutes to show up in the portal).  You may pay online via credit card or PayPal. Other forms of offline payment include wire transfer, ACH, check/money order or cash.  The offline forms take longer to credit your account as we must manually verify payment and manually credit your account.


Credit: Customers can access all invoice payment information on the account under the invoices section on this screen. You can pay invoices from the emailed copy or by clicking the pay bill link under this section.

Email Notification:
This is the amount you choose to be alerted at once reached on your account balance. This can be updated at any time under the email notification section on this page. Emails will come from

If you run into any issues or have any questions about billing please make sure you open a ticket with the support team so we can review and assist when needed.


Non USA Customers

A Non USA customer is determined by billing address. There are specific guidelines for our Non USA customers. All Non USA customers can only pay via PayPal, ACH or Wire. Auto-Pay is not available to our Non USA customers. If the Non USA customer has a US based credit card then they can use our other online methods of payment. If more information is needed please contact the support team. 

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