How is Jurisdiction Determined?

Jurisdiction is determined by the Originating ANI and the Terminating LRN. The Originating ANI is determined by a combination of several field options in the INITIAL INVITE sent to thinQ.

The originating ANI will be determined by the presence of the following SIP Headers in the following order of preference:

  1. P-Asserted-Identity (PAI)
  2. Remote-Party-ID (RPID)
  3. From

Based on the list above PAI trumps RPID and From, RPID Trumps From, and From is the fallback.

Jurisdiction will be either intER, intRA, toll free, or international. These will be listed in your CDR as E, A, T, or I, respectively.
IntERstate calls are between two different states. IntRAstate calls are within the same state. If your jurisdiction is indeterminate, you will be charged the intRAstate rate. We do not charge for Toll Free termination. (We reserve the right to route Toll Free traffic independently of your carrier selection in your profile.)

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