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Origination - Port-In Tab Explained

The Port-in tab has two parts, Availability and Tracking. Availability, which allows you to check for number portability into our network and/or complete a request to port numbers both Toll and Toll Free, to our network. Tracking, which details each port request.


The first step will be to download the PDF version of our LOA(Letter of Agency) to complete and later upload. The LOA is provided on the bottom of port-in->Portability tab in the portal for download. You will also see a File Format Sample you can download as an example of how the csv file should be formatted for upload.  Please note:  Do not mix DID's and TF in the same file/order.  Do not mix losing or gaining carriers in the same file, one file per losing carrier and gaining carrier per order.

CSV File Format Examples:

One DID or Block of DID's per line in the file.
DID Formats should be 10 digits only with no dashes or spaces.
Ex: 9198900000

Blocks should include the first DID followed by the last DID.
Ex: 9198900000, 9198900020

Toll Free should also be 10 digits only with no dashes or spaces.
Ex: 8775060747

Once the csv has been uploaded you will see our PORT-IN PRICING page.

On this screen you will select which carrier's network you would like to port the numbers to. You can compare carrier tier options and the associated port fees and MRCs (monthly recurring cost. To select a carrier choose the radio button next to their name. 
*If any DIDs are not portable within the provider's network you will see a downloadable csv file of the rejected DIDs.

Once you have the carrier selected you will need to upload the completed LOA (required) and a copy of your latest bill/invoice (optional, but highly recommended).
After upload click "PROCEED WITH PORT-IN".

If everything is successful you redirected to the Port-In Tracking page which will be updated throughout the port-in process.


After a successful port-in request, you may view the details and progress of your request. This tab is broken down into a table with the follow columns:
Ticket#: Our internal tracking number for these request, please reference these for any questions on the progress of your port.
ThinQ Acceptance: Shows if the request is pending or has been completed by us.
Carrier Status: Will either show a completed or if the request is still pending by our carriers
Quantity: How many DIDs are in your request
Porting to Carrier: which carrier these numbers are porting to
est. Cost: estimated cost of the port
Notes: any additional comment we enter
FOC Date: the installation date of this order
Portin: will show if the order has been canceled
Download DIDS: will all you to create or download a DID file


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