Port In Tracking Tab


Port In Tracking:

After a successful port-in request, you may view the details and progress of your request. This tab is broken down into a table with the follow columns:

Ticket#: Our internal tracking number for these request, please reference these for any questions on the progress of your port. Clicking on the ticket number will take you straight into Zendesk (out ticketing system) where you can view your open port request, see our comments, and you can respond back to the ticket if needed.

Quantity: How many DIDs are in your request

Submitted Date: The date you submitted the port request to us

Est. Cost: estimated cost of the port

Notes: Any additional comment we enter

Requested FOC Date: the port/FOC date that you have requested the port to complete on (this is not always guaranteed but will be requested from the losing carrier as soon as the port is submitted)

Status: allows you to see the current status of your port request

Port Type: shows you whether it is a local DID port request or a toll free port request

Actions: Clicking on the gear icon 'edit' will allow you to go in and edit the account information that you submitted with your port request. The updates will be sent to us and we will then resubmit your new information to the losing carrier.

Download DIDs: Allows you to download a CSV file of your numbers that are porting on a specific ticket.


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