Port In Tracking Tab


Port In Tracking:

After a successful port-in request, you may view the details and progress of your request. This tab is broken down into a table with the follow columns:

Ticket#: Our internal tracking number for these request, please reference these for any questions on the progress of your port.

ThinQ Acceptance: Shows if the request is pending or has been completed by us. 

Carrier Status: Will either show a completed or if the request is still pending by our carriers

Quantity: How many DIDs are in your request

Porting to Carrier: which carrier these numbers are porting to

est. Cost: estimated cost of the port

Notes: any additional comment we enter

FOC Date: the installation date of this order

Portin: will show if the order has been canceled

Download DIDS: will all you to create or download a DID file


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