How to open Port-In CSV correctly

How to properly Open the Port-In Summary CSV file in Excel.


The portin summary CSV file gives you great insight into the pricing of your portin as well as the rejected DIDs. However there is a proper procedure to open the file

After saving the CSV file (normally goes into the downloads folder) follow the steps listed below:

  • Open Excel
  • Click on File and Import
  • Choose CSV file
  • Select the file downloaded from (usually in the downloads folder)
  • Click on “Get Data”
  • Select Delimited and click next
  • Check “Semicolon” and Text Qualifier “
  • Click Next then Finish.
  • Select the cell you want to place the data (A1 is default). Below is the summary:

A very Similar Process can be done using Google Documents Spreadsheet:

  • Create a new Spreadsheet document
  • Click on File and Import
  • Click on Upload
  • Drag the file or browse until you find the CSV document (usually in the downloads folder) and click Open
  • For Separator Character use “Custom” and type ; (semicolon)
  • Click “Import”
  • You see the same results as above.
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