Defining the CDR for Origination

from_ani - The number dialed from

to_did - The number dialed to

lrn - 10-digit number that identifies a switch port for a central office

callid - The unique idenitifer for a call

time - time when the call was placed in GMT/UTC format

account_id - Your account Identifier

Profile_id - The profile identifier the call was sent though

src_ip - The source IP address

carrier_id - Our ID number for each carrier

rate - The current rate of charge per minute

total - total price of the call

from_state - orginating state from USA

to_state - terminationg state of the USA

rc - Rate Center = geographical area used by a Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) to determine the boundaries       for local calling, billing and assigning phone numbers

from_rc - originating rc

to_rc - terminating rc

lata - area that is covered by local exchange carriers (LECs)

from_lata - originating lata

to_lata - terminating lata

ocn - Operating Company Number is a 4 character ID for North American phone companies assigned by NECA and used to identify companies

from_ocn - originating ocn

to_ocn - terminating ocn

bill_sec - billable seconds

jurisdiction - how we rate the call for International, Intrastate, Interstate

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