Default Inbound Product Settings

When your account is first setup for inbound use, the following settings will be applied to the product. If you need any of these adjusted please reach out to support as we control these from the back end of your account.

Invite Format: E.164 (+1 and then the number) - DEFAULT Setting
The other options include 11 digits only (no plus) or 10 digits only (no plus and no country code).

Block Invalid Enabled: NO is the default setting, meaning we will NOT block incoming calls if the FROM ANI is invalid. This includes international numbers and toll free. We will not block by default.
If you want blocking turned ON please reach out.

Block Invalid Code: If block invalid is turned on, then we will return one of the following options on call attempts.
404 - Not Found (Default Setting)
486 - Busy Here (Other option)

Toll Free LCR or Toll Free Flat: Depending on what you sign up for, you will either have access to Toll Free LCR OR you will use the flat rate for all toll free calls. The default amount of TF LCR profiles is 10, but you can request an increase as needed.


Again, if any of the settings above need to be adjusted please contact support.

thinQ Support
919-890-0000, Option 1

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