Steps to Submit a New Port via - Porting Process

  1. Login to your portal and click on Origination and then Port In.
  2. Submit either a single DID port-in with the "Single DID" field and "Check Portability" button OR submit 2 or more numbers by the green UPLOAD button toward the bottom of the screen.
    If you are submitting 2 or more numbers, you must have the numbers included in a CSV file with one number per row (10 digit number only).
  3. The following screen will show you the tier and price breakdown of your number(s). If you are happy with the results proceed to the next step. If you are simply checking portability on a number, you can cancel.
  4. Use the UPLOAD LOA section to browse for your completed LOA. Once you have uploaded your LOA a Complete button will appear.
  5. (Optional) Add a copy of your bill with your current provider.
  6. To submit the request to support, click the COMPLETE button. This will provide you with your ticket/order number.
  7. Add a Routing Preference to the numbers you just submitted so they are preconfigured and ready when the port completes.

 Our copy of LOA is attached here and is also available on the port-in tab in the portal. You can use our version or your own.

After you submit the port-in your screen will navigate to an edit numbers page. If you click away or need to edit your numbers at a later time, you can do so with one of the following options.

A. Navigate to Origination, Port In Tracking. Next to each port-in you can click the edit pencil icon to edit all numbers included within the request.

B. Navigate to Origination, Configure Numbers. Using the Show Filter Button you can search for specific numbers you wish to edit. 

**Routing preference is required before the numbers port so there is no downtime.**


For large ports, please use the option in the top right of your edit screen to show 100 DIDs at a time. You can then select all and will see a pencil pop up to the right of the select all button. This pencil will allow you to bulk edit the numbers on the current page (100 at a time).

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