Steps to Submit a New Port via - Porting Process

To submit a port-in to thinQ, please follow the steps below.

  1. Login to and navigate to the Origination tab and then 'Port In.' This page allows you to check if numbers are portable as well as submit port-ins when ready.
  2. To upload a single number or blocks of numbers that are sequential use the Manual box. You will see an empty box where you need to paste your 10 digit number, and you will then click Check Portability box.
  3. If you are submitting more than 1 number and they are not sequential, you must use the green upload button at the bottom of this screen in the Upload( for multiple DIDs not in sequential order) box. Upload your csv file with ALL DIDs. In your file you should have one number per row, and the number must include the area code ( 10 digit number).
    • You can see examples of the csv file sample, labeled DID SAMPLE. You can also see a block number sample, toll free sample, and the LOA form above the Green Upload button
    • Toll Free and Regular DID ports need to be submitted separately.
    • 2 or more numbers must be saved as a csv file type.


  1. Once you have uploaded your number(s) the next screen will give you a tier and pricing breakdown.
    • If any numbers are rejected/not portable you will see that as well.
    • If you are ready to submit the port-in proceed with the next step. If you do not wish to proceed simply cancel from this screen.


  1. Upload a completed LOA. You can use your own version or our LOA form. The download for our LOA is located on the first page of port-in. LOA is also attached here. 
  2. After you upload the LOA and optional bill you will see the green complete button appear. Click Complete to submit the port-in.


After the port has been submitted you will see your ticket/order number. Under Port-In Tracking you can view your order details as well as use the edit button under action to update your numbers.  


A routing preference is required for each number to ensure there is no down time. Please configure your numbers in advance.

Your order number will also be your ticket number. We will keep you updated on the ticket as we hear back from our providers regarding the port-in.

If you have any questions, please reply back to the open port-in ticket or call us on the porting line at 919-890-0000, Option 4.

**You can download a PDF copy of these steps with the attached file**

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