Steps to Submit a New Port via - Porting Process

thinQ Porting Group Hours of Operation:
Monday through Thursday - 8am to 5pm Eastern
Friday - 9am to 4pm Eastern
Saturday and Sunday - Closed 

Requested Due Dates for FOC Dates need to align with our porting group hours. 

To submit a port in to thinQ, please follow the steps below.

  1. Login to and navigate to the Inbound tab and then 'Port In.' This page allows you to check if numbers are portable as well as submit port ins when ready.
  2. On the Submit Numbers screen you can either copy and paste the numbers to be ported or you can upload a file of the numbers. Files must be saved as a csv. 
    - 10 digits only required (no leading 1, no dashes or spaces)
    -  Toll Free and Regular DIDs need to be submitted on separate orders
  3. Click Continue button to proceed 
  4. After clicking Continue you will be brought to the Port Summary page which will provide a tier breakdown of your order. You can also download the Tiers from this page as needed. 
    - If you only wish to check portability you can then click away from this page
    - To continue with the port submission, click Continue. 
  5. For Toll Free numbers you will be brought to the following screen to then Upload LOA (required) and a copy of bill (optional). 
    - A blank copy of our LOA is included as an attachment in this article.
    You will upload your files and then click the SUBMIT button to complete the upload process. 

    For regular DIDs you will be brought to the following screen where you will need to complete the account details currently associated with your numbers. 
    - Required fields are marked. Optional fields can be left blank if they are not relevant. 

Authorized Contact: The name of the person currently authorized on the account your numbers are moving away from. 
Account Number: The account number with your losing service provider. 
Account PIN/Pwd: If your carrier includes a PIN or other passcode needed to port away numbers. 
Billing Phone #: The BTN listed with your current provider. 
Company Name: The company name listed for the numbers being ported.
Service Address: This should match the street address associated with the numbers being ported. 
Port Details: The FOC Date and Time you would prefer the numbers to port on. (This is not a guaranteed date or time). The first date that you will be able to select will be 7 days out, and you are not able to select any Sat or Sunday as your port date. For the times applicable to select; you will only be able to choose times within our porting/office hours.
Port Type: Full (all numbers on your previous provider account are being ported) or Partial (remaining DIDs will be left with the losing service provider). 
     - If a port is a PARTIAL port you will need to specify a new BTN for the remaining DIDs            with the LSP. 

Once the details are filled out click SUBMIT to complete the submission process of your DIDs. 






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