Interop Technical Information - Testing Outbound

thinQ Technical Information for outbound

Connections Type: DNS SRV (preferred), DNS A, Or Direct IP



The DNS A Record is available if your installation doesn’t support DNS SRV. Just like DNS SRV, the A record is automatically updated by our APIs in the event that a service node in any of our geographies is put into maintenance mode or has an issue.  

Packet Transport Protocol: UDP

Codecs (Payload): G.711u (0), G.729a (18), DTMF RFC2833 paylod 101 out of band only.

Faxing: T.38 faxing and G.711 fallback

Call ID / Privacy Headers: 1) P-Asserted-Identity (PAI), 2) Remote-Party-ID (RPID), 3) FROM. (RPID and PAI must be in E.164 format)

ANI: To determine jurisdiction correctly, you must provide a valid US LERG based ANI. The latest Telecom Reform Act has specific language addressing invalid or missing ANI's terminating in the US and may affect your call completion rates if a valid US ANI is not sent.

Toll Free Termination: To call a toll free number you must dial 11 digits (1 and then the toll free number).

Options: We will respond to Options with either a 484 address incomplete or a 200OK.


Interop Support Hours and Information

Monday-Friday 9am to 4pm Eastern we are available to assist interop customers.

Phone: 919-890-0000, Option 1 for technical support, option 4 for Customer Success and option 5 to reach sales.

Email: Please reply to the interop ticket we have created for you all during the testing process.


Test Call Examples and Test Numbers

We suggest completing the following test cases to allow us to fully verify your signaling. Please contact us within 48 hours of placing calls so we can pull and review traces before they expire.

DTMF Test: Feel free to dial our main line at 919-890-0000 or 877-506-0747 to verify DTMF function.

Bye From Both Ends of the Call: Complete two separate calls, one with the dialing party hanging up from their end, and another with the far end user ending the calls. Check to verify both BYEs were handled correctly.

Call Termination During Ringing: Dial any number that provides ring back (example: a cell phone) and hang up before the far end connects the call. You should see a 487 request canceled. 

Long Duration Call: A call lasting 16+ minutes to verify re-invites.

Toll Free Call: Feel free to test to our toll free number 1-877-506-0747.

For International (if testing) we offer two test numbers: 442077227711 (DTMF Test) and 39055295051 (will provide ring back).

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