Steps to Test Inbound -

For Inbound Voice (Origination) - Test Steps

1. Order a new number (Toll Free or Regular DID) via the Get Numbers tab in
Purchase New Numbers

2. For Voice - Create a Routing Profile on the Inbound Profiles sub-tab:
Create Routing Profile for Voice Traffic  

3. Assign the Routing Preference to the Test Number via the Configure Numbers tab:
Configure Numbers

On your side, please accept invites from our two IP addresses: and

We will send invites in E.164 format, but can adjust this to 11 or 10 digits only if needed. 

SMS Test Steps

Follow Step 1 above to order a new DID then you can enable the SMS toggle for the new number on the Configure Numbers page. 

Under the SMS Tab:

1. Add your IP address(es) you will be sending messages out FROM to the IP Whitelists tab. 
2. Add your Inbound Message URL to the SMS Configuration tab. 

API - Token Setup

If you wish to take advantage of our API you can do so by creating a new token under the API tab. Additional details for the API can be found at the following link: 

Additional Details 

If you plan to use E911 for any of your thinQ DIDs please read the following article in its entirety before dialing 911 on our platform to avoid any unnecessary fees:
Important E911 Information - Read Before Use


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