Outbound International Levels Explained

We offer three levels of International on Production Accounts.

INTL LITE: Default Max Rate of 10 Cents
INTL MEDIUM: Default Max Rate of 30 Cents
INTL FULL: Default Max Rate of $1.00

During testing all accounts will be setup with INTL LITE access and a max rate of 10 cents. 

In production, we suggest accepting the addendum for INTL FULL as you can always set the max rate to a lower amount via the profile settings in

Other Things to Note:

  • If you create a Global profile on, meaning both NANP and INTL are active, your 1+ traffic on that profile and trunk will require a full 11 digits. 
    • If you were to send 1+ calls to a mixed profile with 10 digits only, the system will incorrectly read the leading digits as an international country code and will send the call to the international destination number. 
  • There is a daily spend limit on your account for international use only. The default limit is $100 per 24 hour UTC day. To have this adjusted please contact thinQ directly. 
    • If the $100 international daily limit is reached the system will automatically disable international on the account and will kill any active international calls. 
      • An email notification will be sent if this occurs.
      • There is also a soft limit warning amount that can be set on the Billing tab which will send out an email warning notice.
      • To reactivate INTL once it has been disabled, log into and go to the Billing tab - there you will see an INTL RESET button to click. 
  • thinQ considers ALL country code 1 destinations as part of the 1+ NANP rate deck and profile. Country code 1 destinations are NOT part of our international pricing, profiles, or daily spend limits. 

Further explanation of thinQ international can be found here:
Outbound International Explained



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