Outbound Trunks Explained:

Before sending traffic you will need to create a trunk with the public IP address of the switch you will be sending thinQ calls from. Trunks not only authorize the IP address and prefix that you send us calls from, they also to tell us how you want calls from this particular IP and prefix routed based on the Profile selected.

To create a new trunk you will first need to login to Once logged in click the Outbound, Trunk tab in the product menu and follow the steps below.


Steps to Create a New Outbound Trunk: 

  1. Click 'Add New'
  2. Select your trunk carrier and click Next
  3. Name: Choose a name for your trunk and type it into the Trunk Name field. 
  4. Select Profile: From the drop down menu, select the routing Profile you wish to have calls from this IP and Prefix routed over.
  5. IP Address: Please enter the valid public IP Address from which you will be sending traffic.
  6. Prefix (Optional): If you wish to send calls with a 4 digit prefix, enter it in the blank field.  The prefix must be a 4 digit number and prepend the phone number in the RURI. In the examples below we used prefix 4444. 

INVITE (E.164 & 11 digits)
INVITE (11 digits)
INVITE (10 digits)

INVITE (E.164 & 11 digits)
INVITE (11 digits)
INVITE (10 digits)


  1. Add IP Range (Optional): You have the capability of adding multiple trunks with sequential IP addresses at one time. Put the first three octets of the IP address into the first field and the starting and ending IP in the following two fields.
  2. Channel Limit: By default, this trunk will have access to your account channel limit.  If you wish to limit the number of channels this trunk can access, simply enter x amount out of the total amount on account. Please note the channel limit on your thinQ account is a per thinQ switch limit, meaning you can have more than this amount of calls up at one time depending on the load balancing of calls for your account across all thinQ switches. Please contact support if you need this amount changed or if you have questions.
  3. Save/X: By clicking the SAVE button the trunk will be finalized and created. The X button deletes and cancels the current trunk you are creating.


You can view and access all trunks created on your account by clicking the Outbound, TRUNKS tab. To edit a trunk click the pencil icon to the right of your trunk's name/info and make any needed changes before clicking the SAVE button. To delete a trunk simply click the red X icon to the right of your trunk's name/info.

*Please note any changes made in the portal take 3-5 minutes to fully propagate. This means you will need to wait a few minutes before sending traffic from any new IP addresses added in a trunk in our system.

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